European Conference on Acoustic Emission Testing

In September 2018, in the Assembly of the European Working Group on Acoustic Emission (EWGAE) held in Senlis (France), Granada had the honour of being chosen as the venue for the 34th European Conference on Acoustic Emission Testing. Specifically this responsibility was assumed by the University of Granada, and more precisely by the Building Engineering School (ETSIE) and our research group ADIME (Acoustic and Diagnostics of Materials and Structures), which will be the Official Organizers of the Conference. Still remain among many of us, members of the international acoustic emission community, beautiful memories and relevant milestones reached in the 30th edition of the conference, also held in Granada in 2012. In particular, the historic agreement between the Chairs of the AEWG, JCAE, and EWGAE to promote the creation of the International Institute of Innovative Acoustic Emission (IIIAE), as well as The Closing Session Ceremony, held in the Alhambra Palace Hotel, with the brilliant speech of our colleague Dr. Adrian Pollock, celebrating the 40th jubilee of the constitution of the EWGAE and the 30th jubilee of the conference.

At the 34th EWGAE, all of us will have the opportunity to pay a well-deserved tribute to the founder of EWGAE, a mentor of many of us, through the first edition of the EWGAE awards. In particular, the Adrian Pollock’s award will distinguish one or two senior researchers for outstanding achievements in acoustic emission science. Moreover, Granada conference in 2020 will promote actively the attendance of numerous international young researchers and students in the field of acoustic emission. For this, the EWGAE group will encourage their participation through awards for young researchers and student papers. Granada, a unique university city and good example of cultural coexistence, with the Alhambra and the Albaicín neighbourhood (World Heritage sites) as the most outstanding attractions, and the Sierra Nevada National Park as a backdrop, will welcome you again with all its magnificence, life and cultural, heritage and varied gastronomic attractions. For this, our University, our School and our Research Group, with the already enthusiasm demonstrated in 2012, will do their best to offer an attractive program of scientific and social events, where to exchange in a relaxed way our valuable cultures and scientific-technical knowledge. For all these reasons, I am pleased to invite you all to come to Granada and participate in the 34th EWGAE Conference.